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    Leipziger Messe Gastveranstaltungen Referenzen Konzerte

    Leipziger Messe has already attracted a number of artists from all over the globe. With concerts ranging from rock to pop, musicals, music shows or festivals such as IMPERICON - HALLE:EINS is the ideal location for all productions!

    AC/DC ▪ Brian Adams ▪ Black Sabbath ▪ Böhse Onkelz ▪ Cher ▪ Eric Clapton ▪ Feet of Flames ▪ Grease ▪ IMPERICON ▪ Elton John ▪ Peter Maffay ▪ André Rieu ▪ Slipknot ▪ THE DOME ▪ The Police


    • PARTNER PFERD show - expo - sport

      Sparkassen-Cup · Longines FEI JumpingWorld Cup™ · FEI Driving World Cup™ · FEI Vaulting World Cup™ · Sales exhibition · Leipzig Equestrian Night · Sparkassen Sport-Gala

      01/14 - 01/17/2021
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      Space Riders

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    • Manga-Comic-Con

      The convention at the Leipzig Book Fair

      03/18 - 03/21/2021
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